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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

0 Optical Illusion Image 10

1) Which line is longer, AB or BC?

Measure them. Are they the same length?

2) Which object is bigger?

0 Optical Illusion Image 9

1) Which man is the tallest in the picture below?

Look closer. All three are exactly the same size.

2) What do you see below?

0 Optical Illusion Image 8

1) Which black rectangle is bigger?

Would you believe that they are both the same size?

2) Can you find the lowest step in this image?

0 Optical Illusion Image 7

1) Do you see anything in this black & white image?

Do you see the dog?

2) See the triangle?

0 Optical Illusion Images 6

1) This one will make you dizzy. Try focusing on just the center circle while moving your head.

2) What do you see?

0 Optical Illusion Images 5

1) Are the two purple lines parallel or are the bent?

2) What do you see?

0 Optical Illusion Images 4

1) Which way are the stairs headed? Up or down?

2) Is the following object physically possible?

0 Optical Illusion Images 3

1) What do you see?

A face or the word "liar"?

2) Look carefully at the two pink diagonal lines. Are they the same shade of pink or                       
    are they different shades?  

0 Optical Illusion Images 2

1) Look carefully at the center dots on both the left and right. Which dot is bigger?

Are you sure they aren't both the same size?

2) How many legs does this elephant have?

Monday, July 26, 2010

0 Optical Illusion Images 1

1) Try to count the number of black dots on the image below...

2) Are the lines below straight or are they curved?